3-11-21:I'll be busy with NCL, programming, and being dad. Fun and productive times I look forward to 2022. -A.

12-6-21:Layout updated. Some pages no longer exist.

12-6-21:How are you doing today? Let's be optimistic together.

12-1-21:When possible, when technical,... just do it for free, enjoy the learning opportunity, and ask to pay it forward. We know. It isn't always possible.

11-4-21:Tomorrow starts the NCL Team competition. Pretty excited.

10-18-22: The Fordcast podcast by BRG : Coming Early 2022

9-21-21: Good morning city. The Chicago Minecraft server is back online (minecraft.buf0rd.com:44444). Enjoy!

9-15-21:Extremely excited to be able to compete in the National Cyber League this year.

8-13-21:The CyberPower 1500 in the lab decided to not pass a battery test. Time to replace. With non OE.

8-12-21: he main blog page was getting extremely long so we have started fresh. Another blog page added to the archive (pg#3).

7-24-21:"Soon technology will reach a level where an organizations unwillingness to 'be better" / "do better" will be obvious when using data correlation." -A.

7-14-21:I'm back in action. Responding to emails today. -A.

7-7-21 NEWS: Western Digital, WD, MyBook (to start) is facing another RCE flaw that you can 'google' about. 3 in total. "I only trust WD for storage media and it will not change anytime soon".

6-29-21:Taking a time-out for sciatica pain. Woke up this morning to do the daily routine and ended up limping through it. Hopefuly I can resume study stuffs this evening or tomorrow.

6-27-21:Many vulnerable servers are left online even after owners are notified. I don't know if owners either a) don't care, b) have outdated contact information, or c) are knowing participating in malicious activities.

6-11-21:TFW the ANOM app catches child trafficking 😌

6-9-21:Fire fighters really need better tech and protective equipment.

5-12-21:Moved over to bigger server. Have been seeing more traffic.

4-25-21:YouTube deleted some content. I knew EliTheComputerGuy was on to something years ago. I'll make my own db as primary..... because platforms eventually die or can't tell the difference between educational content and malicious intent.

4-21-21:Kinda feeling like doing a post about what I learned in thanks to the Chicago Public School system.

3-26-21: Experiencing some delays with hosting provided at Digital Ocean

2-4-21:Long productive week and it isn't nearly over. PUSH YOURSELF! M&Ms!

2-18-21:Hopefuly we get some time to produce content this weekend. Infosec content.

NEWS: The kingpin behind Joker’s Stash retires with a billionaire exit Link

2-15-21: Stay warm Chicago.

2-1-21: 1U putting in work

NEWS: CVE-2021-3156 Sudo vulnerability has allowed any local user to gain root privileges on Unix-like operating systems without authentication.

1-26-21:Ahhh. Good ol snowy covid Chicago. 'Blessed' to be indoors. Take care of one another!

1-22-21: Dun dun dun another cert bites the dust!

1-6-20:I have so much fun teaching, especially my offspring, about technology and security. His eyes get so big when he wants to know the 'details'. Kinda personal? Well... welcome to my address.

12-28-20:We have updated our Github repo to include the 2g dsm Aruino based shift controller. Many have asked. https://github.com/buf0rd/Arduino_stuffs/blob/main/2g_dsm_shift_controller.ino

12-18-20:Debating on having a 247(not really 247) live stream. Ocassionally we would be able to use the platform for instruction. There are too many kids out there without the access to technology that need it. Adults also. The world is changing faster than we are pushing out talent.

12-14-20:The team is looking into Live streaming options.

12-07-20:YouTube content is adding up fast. Happy birthday Adrian!

12-4-20: Finally getting this office area organized. Strongly considering a slate wall system. Server backup and migration scheduled for Friday evening.

11-27-20: We have stickers. ShadowMoon, the server, is serving a second purpose as a room heater when fan speeds lowered. Processor still well within acceptable heat range when doing so.

11-26-20: Don't fold. Build.

11-20-20:Happy Holidays! I wish all the family could be together again. Unrelated: I see a car in the near future as a group project. We really hate not fixing! Also unrelated: "These Drift Games folks are really making big moves!

11-23-20: VPN server maintenance is complete. 100% opperational. To learn drift tech or to not learn drift tech? That is the question. $XRP is really making some moves today huh? Crypto is odd but interesting.

11-20-20: The 2g dsm is gone. Covid really impacted a lot. On to new things

11-16-20: I re-did some wiring on the coil-on plug setup on the 2g DSM and charged the battery during lunch break. All servers were maintenaced over the weekend. End result is increased cooling efficiency. I did notice a 4TB WD Purple drive start making noise. I will have to get warranty replacement.

11-15-20: I have a lot to get done but I want to code something new. I gotta setup cctv and smarthome automation. Stuck in thought.

11-14-20: The 2g dsm is pending sale.

11-14-20: Almost done moving. The servers are racked up and running. Now for other basic lab nesting stuff. I love it here